"Hukilau"        Site / Kapaa High School Kauai Hawaii

A Hukilau is a shared fishing event .  A social gathering of the community to catch fish with a large net pulled from the shore.  It is  people working together to feed one another. length  - approx 70 feet long / height  8 - 1/2 feet tall material - stainless steel - year completed 2000

 Kids, like fish,  travel in schools until they grow up and swim off...perhaps to create their own schools... I wanted the "net" to gather the kids together and form a meeting place.  A place to hang out and interact , exchanging ideas...The "net" also provided shade from the very intense sunlight in Hawaii.  Wayne Zebzda 2000   see video below...


Hukilau, a stainless steel sculpture commissioned by the SFCA Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the arts and the Dept. of Education in the year 2000 for Kapaa High School on the island of Kauai. As part of a teaching component this video was created for the metal shop classes.